Goal 11

Sustainable Cities and Communities


Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Goal 11

Staff involved in research related to the goal

Picture of Ásdís Helgadóttir Ásdís Helgadóttir Associate Professor 5254917 asdishe [at] hi.is
Picture of Atefe Darzi Atefe Darzi Postdoc atefe [at] hi.is
Picture of Björn Karlsson Björn Karlsson Professor Emeritus 8245165 bjornk [at] hi.is
Picture of Christiaan Petrus Richter Christiaan Petrus Richter Professor cpr [at] hi.is
Picture of Egill Skúlason Egill Skúlason Professor 5254684 egillsk [at] hi.is
Picture of Guðmundur Freyr Úlfarsson Guðmundur Freyr Úlfarsson Professor gfu [at] hi.is
Picture of Helmut Wolfram Neukirchen Helmut Wolfram Neukirchen Professor 6152554 helmut [at] hi.is
Picture of Jukka Taneli Heinonen Jukka Taneli Heinonen Professor 5254637 heinonen [at] hi.is
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Picture of María J. Gunnarsdóttir María J. Gunnarsdóttir Research Specialist 5254736 mariag [at] hi.is
Picture of Rúnar Unnþórsson Rúnar Unnþórsson Professor 5254954 runson [at] hi.is
Picture of Sæmundur E Þorsteinsson Sæmundur E Þorsteinsson Research Specialist 5254920 saemi [at] hi.is