Goal 3

Good Health and Well-being


Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Goal 3

Staff involved in research related to the goal

Picture of Guðmundur Freyr Úlfarsson Guðmundur Freyr Úlfarsson Professor gfu [at] hi.is
Picture of Lotta María Ellingsen Lotta María Ellingsen Associate Professor 5254670 lotta [at] hi.is
Picture of María J. Gunnarsdóttir María J. Gunnarsdóttir Research Specialist 5254736 mariag [at] hi.is
Picture of Rúnar Unnþórsson Rúnar Unnþórsson Professor 5254954 runson [at] hi.is
Picture of Sigurður Brynjólfsson Sigurður Brynjólfsson Professor 5254641 sb [at] hi.is