Goal 8

Decent Work and Economic Growth


Sustained and inclusive economic growth can drive progress, create decent jobs for all and improve living standards. 

Goal 8

Staff involved in research related to the goal

Picture of Hafsteinn Einarsson Hafsteinn Einarsson Assistant Professor 8442806 hafsteinne [at] hi.is
Picture of Hjálmtýr Hafsteinsson Hjálmtýr Hafsteinsson Associate Professor 5254932 hh [at] hi.is
Picture of Kristinn Andersen Kristinn Andersen Director of the Division of Academic Affairs 5254688 kiddi [at] hi.is
Picture of Matthias Book Matthias Book Professor 5254930 book [at] hi.is
Picture of Sæmundur E Þorsteinsson Sæmundur E Þorsteinsson Research Specialist 5254920 saemi [at] hi.is