Goal 6

Clean Water and Sanitation


Ensure access to water and sanitation for all

Goal 6

Staff involved in research related to the goal

Picture of Ásdís Helgadóttir Ásdís Helgadóttir Associate Professor 5254917 asdishe [at] hi.is
Picture of Bing Wu Bing Wu Professor 5254616 wubing [at] hi.is
Picture of Egill Skúlason Egill Skúlason Professor 5254684 egillsk [at] hi.is
Picture of María J. Gunnarsdóttir María J. Gunnarsdóttir Research Specialist 5254736 mariag [at] hi.is
Picture of Sigurður M Garðarsson Sigurður M Garðarsson Dean of School 5254659 sigmg [at] hi.is