About the Institute

The Engineering Research Institute is a scientific research institute operated by the University of Iceland. The Institute is part of the university's School of Engineering and Natural Sciences and is a forum for research and development work in engineering and computer science. 

Research at the Engineering Research Institute is divided into three divisions.

Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science Division


Electrical and Computer Engineering Division


Environmental and Civil Engineering Division


Basic research 

  • Contract research 
  • Research and strengthening of teaching facilities in Engineering  


Objectives of the Engineering Research Institute

  • Research and development in the field of technology and practical studies 
  • Build knowledge and skills to apply new methods to solve the challenges of Icelandic industries
  • Strengthen facilities for research and practical training in Engineering
  • Consulting and work towards solutions that require expertise and research facilities that are present within the Institution
  • Organize lectures, courses and conferences that promote increased technical knowledge in Iceland and train the scientific workforce and researchers

The Institute‘s aim is to be a leading force in the field of research and development in Engineering and Computer science by strengthening the connection between research and teaching and create and impart new knowledge into the Icelandic community and business sector. 

The principal methods to achieve the strategy are: 

  • To strengthen research and teaching and to coordinate research in Engineering and Computer Science with course offering
  • To strengthen teaching and training in scientific methods and to provide graduate students with facilities and equipment for research as much as possible
  • To reinforce the research fields within the Institute 
  • To increase interdisciplinary collaboration with domestic and foreign researchers 
  • To publish and promote research results in Engineering and Computer Science 
  • To promote and strengthen relations with industry and society  
  • To carry out service projects in the fields of Engineering and Computer science 
  • To provide information and advice regarding Engineering and Computer science 
  • To organize lectures, courses and conferences that promote increased technical knowledge in Iceland and to train the scientific workforce and researchers